Some personal finance bloggers are doing more than just sharing their saving and spending tips by creating philanthropic or outreach projects. In some cases...

Some personal finance bloggers are doing more than just sharing their saving and spending tips by creating philanthropic or outreach projects. In some cases the projects are meant to help out others in financial need while bringing attention to how personal finance affects each and every one of us.

Here are a few projects that we have come across recently:

LoveDrop: started by J. Money (a pseudonymn), the founder and blogger at BudgetsAreSexy and Nate. St. Pierre. The idea behind LoveDrop is to build a community of donors and identity a person or family in financial need. Candidates for the financial aid are nominated by members of the community through what the group calls “a micro-giving network of people.” The first Love Drop was started in January and the recipient was a family who lost their possession in a fire. This month the group is raising money to pay for a dog that is specially trained to work with people who have autism. The dog is to be placed with a family that has two children with autism.

Yakezie Network Essay Contest: The founder of Financial Samurai blog started a network of personal finance bloggers called the Yakezie Network. The group has also started a Yakezie writing contest that is aimed at college students or college-bound students who have financial need to pay for college or buy school-related items.  Top essays are chosen by Yakezie committee members and then published for public vote. The project includes a mentoring component in matching up winners with members of the network. Yakezie network members donate money, which is distributed in portions of up to $1,000 per winner. In the most recent round, 60 finalists were chosen from 1,000 applicants. You can read the essays, and learn more about the essay writing contest at the Yakezie site.

Thanksgiving Day pledge: Last year, Luke Landes, the blog owner and writer for Consumierism Commentary, asked his readers to join him in pledging money to charities. Readers donated a total of $8,000 that was matched by  $5,000 from Landes (and MoneyCrush chipping in another $1,000). A total of $14,000 was collected and doled out to charities, according to a press release on the project’s outcome. Luke says they expect to hold the donation drive this year, too.

Anna Cearley is Social Media Director at LendingTree/

Personal Finance bloggers: please let us know about your projects for consideration to add to this list.


The listing of these projects is  meant for informative purposes and doesn’t imply an endorsement by LendingTree. As with any volunteer causes we recommend readers do their own research before committing time or funds. To learn more about what LendingTree is doing to help people with their own personal finance plans, check the LendingTree Foundation.

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  • Financial Samurai

    February 16, 2011 #1 Author

    Thanks for the highlight! The Yakezie Writing Contest really is a fun way for us Members to give back to the community. Currently, we have three prizes of $600, $300, $100 for the first, second and third place winners as chosen by the public readers.

    Our goal is to empower our students with the ability to do something about their future. The Yakezie Writing Contest is as transparent as can be where anybody is able to submit an essay to compete. Once the best essays are chosen, a large part of winning is how well the essay applicant can market themselves, on top of writing something special.

    It’s really great to see the friends, parents, and relatives of the essay writers interact. That is one of the most rewarding things that has come out of the Writing Contest. Furthermore, we try and write essay question topics that help writers think about pertinent issues such as: What does success mean to them, discuss a failure and what you learned from it, and do people deserve second chances.

    All money raised for the Yakezie Writing Contest is from Members and friends of the Yakezie. We give away a full 100% of all proceeds to the participants too, which is something we are very proud of.

    Finally, we plan to host at least one Writing Contest a quarter ie 4X a year. Hence, I hope others will continue to apply. It’s a fun process with a very strong educational endeavor.

    Our youth are our future and the Yakezie Network are honored to help out where we can.




    • Anna Cearley

      February 16, 2011 #2 Author

      Those are all really good questions and the essays I’ve read so far have been quite inspiring! We all have lessons to learn from each other, whether it involves personal finance issues or just figuring out life in general. Thanks for creating a forum for those kinds of discussions and best wishes to all the entrants!

      Anna Cearley, Social Media Director at LendingTree/


  • J. Money

    March 4, 2011 #3 Author

    Woo! Thanks for spreading the love my friend! Lots of great orgs (and friends) up there 🙂 Happy Friday!!


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