How Much Do You Know About Student Loan Repayment? How Much Do You Know About Student Loan Repayment?
How much do you really know about your student loans? It's possible that there is money and savings out there that are just waiting... How Much Do You Know About Student Loan Repayment?

While they may not have been your top priority during school, your student loans could certainly now be a huge drain on your finances. If you’re one of the 53 million borrowers looking for student loan debt solutions, you’re far from alone if you feel pressured or confused by your student debt. Unfortunately, beside just being saddled with debt, about 65% of students don’t understand or fully comprehend the terms of their own student loans. That likely means they aren’t comparing loan options, reading the fine print, or asking questions about one of the most important financial decisions they’ll ever make. Are you part of ths 65%?

Try our Student Loan Repayment Quiz below which tests how much you actually know about repaying your student loans and getting out of debt. Student loans can be difficult to navigate, but don’t worry, LendingTree can help. Regardless of how you do, we hope that everyone will be able to learn a thing or two about their student loans and make the necessary changes to get them paid off.

There is a lot of confusing information surrounding student loans, which can make it harder to get out of debt. Do your research, look at your available options, and establish a plan for paying for your debt. Remember, something as simple as refinancing a loan or consolidating all of your student loans can end up saving you thousands of dollars in interest payments, making the repayment process much more manageable. Don’t put off your financial health! Get started today by taking a look at your refinancing and consolidation options right here at LendingTree.

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