Should you join the HELOC surge?

Low mortgage rates and recovering home values have made a HELOC a viable option for more and more home owners; see if you should consider a HELOC.

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How do you get ready for winter’s arrival? Depending on your location, digging out heavy coats, hats, and scarfs tucked away in the back of the closet may be on your things-to-do list. And if you’re the outdoorsy type, inspecting skis or snowboards might be a high priority. But... Read more
Debt consolidation allows consumers to combine multiple loans or liabilities, usually by taking out another loan in order to pay off existing debts. In general, consolidating accounts makes it possible for borrowers to put more of their payment toward reducing the principal, rather than spending so much money paying... Read more
Increased activity in the mortgage market since the GDP revision July 29 has created a noticeable gap between the Primary (borrower) market and the Secondary (Investor) market, as indicated by the wider “spread” shown in Fig.1. You’ll see it’s now almost twice as wide as it was prior to the... Read more
After planning a wedding, buying a house is often the next big project a new couple tackles together. And it can be even more contentious than selecting flower arrangements and cake flavors for your big day. Buying a house is a big, long-term financial commitment, and you both are... Read more
We care about “real interest rates” (which simply reduce the nominal yield an investor would receive by considering the implied cost of inflation) because lower levels of real interest reduce savings and investment and risk taking the economy further away from any long-term sustainable growth. Short-term low or even negative real yields... Read more
The events of the past week have created an obvious level of tension in global equity and debt markets – so I wanted to place some of this in perspective with a quick graphic. The levels and magnitude of change have broken some records recently and it’s helpful to consider... Read more
In the year since we closed on our first home, my husband Matt and I have had a lot of time to reflect on our home-buying journey. We went to countless open houses, saw numerous homes that weren’t right and had our hearts broken when an offer on a... Read more
Two important records have been broken… RECORD # 1 ‐ 2yr Treasury notes this morning have set a new record low of 0.30% (the prior record was established Nov 4th, 2010 at 0.3276%). (No Graph) RECORD # 2 – The more important record in my view is the new low... Read more
Having your own garden can be a great way to battle food-price inflation while still providing healthy meals for your family. However, if you have limited space for a garden, you can supplement your harvest with edible landscaping. If you have even a small yard, and local regulations allow... Read more