Credit Cards vs Personal Loans: Which Should You Use for Your Upcoming Expense?
It’s National Small Business Week: Celebrating America’s Entrepreneurs

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Unless you’re a poor money manager, credit cards are the best way. They offer better consumer protections than the others as well as rewards and perks.

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Finding lower credit card rates along with avoiding interest charges and fees are among the ways you can beat credit card companies at their own game.

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Has your lower back been giving you trouble lately lately, or is it becoming almost impossible to get comfortable in your favorite chair? It may be time for a cleansing. Not of your body, although that may be a good idea too. It might be time to go through... Read more
Q: My wife and I are trying to consolidate and pay down our credit card debt, which will give us a lower payment and interest rate. She thinks we should close out the old accounts so we don’t run the balances back up. I’m concerned that by closing out... Read more
You hear it all the time — “If you make only the minimum payment on your credit cards, it will take decades to pay off your balance.” And the Internet is littered with credit card repayment calculators to back that up. For example, if you input a $5,000 balance,... Read more
Did you hear the one about the agoraphobic who had a travel credit card? No? Good; phobias are no laughing matter. The same goes for jokes about dyslexia: They’re not clever, and they’re ton furry. But there’s a serious point buried in there somewhere: agoraphobics shouldn’t have travel rewards... Read more
Congratulations! The fact you’ve clicked through on this headline means you’ve taken the first — and in some ways hardest  — step toward getting out of credit card debt: You’ve recognized the problem, and you want to do something about it. Some people remain in ostrich-like denial right up until... Read more
Debt consolidation allows consumers to combine multiple loans or liabilities, usually by taking out another loan in order to pay off existing debts. In general, consolidating accounts makes it possible for borrowers to put more of their payment toward reducing the principal, rather than spending so much money paying... Read more