What You Need to Know Before Applying for a Business Loan
As an established small business owner, you are ready to take your business to the next level. Is a business loan truly the best way for you to get there? Will it benefit you? Here are some key items to consider to help you answer these questions before you... Read more
VIDEO: Fox News Debate, What Is It Going to Take to Get This Economy Going?
May 24, 2016 – LendingTree CEO, Doug Lebda, shares his perspective on the current economy and political environment, and discusses the future of business and finance regulation. Read more
VIDEO: LendingTree CEO Doug Lebda Speaks With Jim Cramer on the Future of Online Lending

VIDEO: LendingTree CEO Doug Lebda speaks on CNBC Mad Money with Jim Cramer and shares thoughts on why the online lending market is changing.

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Talaat and Tai McNeely: One of Us Secretly Had $30,000 in Debt

We wanted to take some time out and share our debt free story with you. Here is the how we paid off $30,000 in debt together.

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Lance Cothern: How My Wife and I Paid off $80,000 in Student Loan Debt

My wife and I sat down and added up the amount of student loan debt she owed shortly after she graduated. Here is how we paid off $80,000 in student loans.

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Monica Louie: How We Paid Off a $52,000 HELOC (and More) in Less Than 2 Years

In less than 2 years, Mike and Monica Louie paid off their student loans, their HELOC, and part of their mortgage. Here is how they did it.

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LendingTree CEO Doug Lebda’s Advice to Entrepreneurs

Doug Lebda, CEO and founder of LendingTree, started the company as part of the first generation of dot-coms. Here are his tips to entrepreneurs.

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Video: Teach Me! Where Does America Stand With Financial Literacy?

For Financial Literacy Month, LendingTree surveyed Millennials and U.S. Educators to see how they felt about financial literacy education in the U.S.

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LendingTree Announces It Will Add Tree Lending Services to Its Marketplace

April 1: Consumers will soon be able to borrow trees from LendingTree’s new farmer lender network.

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3 Surprising Cities Where Millennials Are Buying Homes

Instead of heading south, millennials are flocking to Boston, Pittsburgh and Washington. Here’s why.

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