The Poor and Famous: 10 Celebrities That Can’t Afford a Mortgage
#1 Nicholas Cage Nicolas Cage couldn’t keep a hold on his treasure. Even though Forbes listed Cage as one of the top 100 most powerful celebrities, reportedly earning $40 million between 2008 and 2009, he owed almost half as much to the IRS in back taxes. As of 2010,... Read more
Fewer Debts Key To Mortgage Success

If the key to getting mortgages is a good credit score then the key to getting a solid credit score is surely less debt.

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The 5 Home Loan Facts that No One Ever Told You

You just signed a ton of paperwork for your home loan, but there are still things you probably don’t know about your mortgage.

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HARP Mortgage Savings Program Extended

The HARP mortgage program has been extended which means that homeowners with little or no equity may be able to refinance and cut monthly mortgage costs.

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Can You Really Afford to Buy a Home Right Now?

Can you really afford to buy a home right now? Take our quiz and find out if you are ready for the large financial responsibility of home ownership!

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Don’t accidentally commit mortgage fraud. Here’s how to avoid becoming an inadvertent criminal.

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The jumbo mortgage is now available at discount and here’s why lenders are so eager to make big loans across the country.

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Unless you’re a real data geek, you probably ignore the snooze-fest that is today’s economic reporting. GDP, LIBOR, QE3, CPI and all the other head-spinning acronyms can’t be approached before your second cup of coffee, and maybe not even then. However, if you can suck it up and make... Read more
Q: My husband and I have been discussing our credit card debt and car loan, which total about $30,000. He says we should get a home equity loan to consolidate our debt. We owe about $95,000 on our mortgage and our house is currently worth about $175,000 according to... Read more
You’ve found it! The home that has “good bones,” is in the perfect neighborhood, and is built in the architectural style you love. There’s “only” one problem: The home is a “diamond in the rough.” Or it flat-out needs major renovation. FHA provides a program for purchasing and renovating... Read more