Avoiding the 5 Most Common Mishaps People Encounter when Buying a Home

buying a home

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4 Ways to Protect Yourself from Fluctuating Mortgage Rates

mortgage rates

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The 10 Home Improvements That Will Give You a Return on Your Investment

Find the top 10 home-improvements projects based on increased value and home equity.

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Are You a Homeowner or Renter?
5 Hidden Costs of Home Ownership

Congratulations! You’re buying your first home, but you may encounter unexpected expenses as part of homeownership. Here are five examples.

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Can You Really Afford to Buy a Home Right Now?

Can you really afford to buy a home right now? Take our quiz and find out if you are ready for the large financial responsibility of home ownership!

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Credit scores routinely do not include full and timely payments from renters, only late and missed payments. A new study might change the system.

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4 “To Dos” Before Listing Your Home
You made the decision to put your home up for sale, but then realized a small “face lift” could be in order. Honesty is never easy, is it? You don’t need a real estate agent to tell you that first impressions count. This is true from the curb to... Read more
Moving! 7 Tips to Make Packing Easier
Life is not always like a box of chocolates, particularly when it comes time to pack up and move. Packing is stressful, whether you plan to move from a one-bedroom apartment or a 3,000 square-foot home. As is true with anything in life, a little bit of planning and... Read more
Photo: Roseanna Dana The fantasy: a relaxing bath, with perhaps a new paperback and a glass of Pinot Gris, and no one clamoring for dinner or attention. The reality: you’re three pages into your book when husband or kids bang on the door, yelling that they need “the john,... Read more