Credit scores routinely do not include full and timely payments from renters, only late and missed payments. A new study might change the system.

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4 “To Dos” Before Listing Your Home
You made the decision to put your home up for sale, but then realized a small “face lift” could be in order. Honesty is never easy, is it? You don’t need a real estate agent to tell you that first impressions count. This is true from the curb to... Read more
Moving! 7 Tips to Make Packing Easier
Life is not always like a box of chocolates, particularly when it comes time to pack up and move. Packing is stressful, whether you plan to move from a one-bedroom apartment or a 3,000 square-foot home. As is true with anything in life, a little bit of planning and... Read more
Photo: Roseanna Dana The fantasy: a relaxing bath, with perhaps a new paperback and a glass of Pinot Gris, and no one clamoring for dinner or attention. The reality: you’re three pages into your book when husband or kids bang on the door, yelling that they need “the john,... Read more
It’s moving season, and chances are pretty good that you’ll be attending at least one housewarming this summer. Like any good guest, you want to bring a housewarming gift that’s charming, useful, and unique. But what should that gift be? Here’s a list of five gifts (click the pics... Read more
The Texas Association of Realtors (TAR) says that home sales to single buyers is at its lowest level since 2001. Singles only purchased 16 percent of homes sold in Texas and only 15 percent of homes sold nationwide. One of the biggest reasons for this, says TAR chairman Shad... Read more
It’s that time again — home selling season. If you’re thinking about selling this year, now is the time to take action. Did you know that homes listed in April sell for closer to their original asking price than homes listed in December? The period of March through June has... Read more
We usually think of mortgages in terms of the here and now, especially when they are in the news as much as they are today. In fact, there is a history associated with mortgages, a history which explains why mortgages are widely affordable and how the FHA loan program... Read more
If you’re a homeowner, you can be subject to a phenomenon that could put you in the poor house — the “wealth effect.” Huh? How could anything called the wealth effect make you poorer? What Is the Wealth Effect? The wealth effect is the result of an increase in... Read more
He’s the shadowy figure lurking just around the corner. You can’t really see him, but you know he’s there, ready to strike at any moment. And no one who owns a home is safe. So you put some money aside in case he shows up, demanding a fistful of... Read more