4 Games and Lessons for Raising Money-Smart Kids

In a highly digital world, how do we teach kids about something as tangible as money? Here are some creative ways to teach critical lessons.

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3 Fun Ways to Teach Young Children About Credit

Children as young as three or four can grasp money lessons like delayed gratification and giving but also more abstract financial topics like credit.

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Incoming Baby: 5 Essential Tips for Not Losing All of Your Money

While children are joyful for families, they’re also expensive. Here are five tips to help avoid running out of money once baby arrives.

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The Top 8 Financial Mistakes Your Young Family is Probably Making

Young families often make tight budgets feel even tighter by making financial mistakes; see 8 common financial mistakes you can avoid.

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8 Signs You Must Remodel or Seek Family Counseling
The fantasy: a relaxing bath, with perhaps a new paperback and a glass of Pinot Grigio, and no one clamoring for dinner or attention. The reality: you’re three pages into your book when the husband or kids bang on the door, yelling that they need “the john, NOW!” If... Read more