It’s National Small Business Week: Celebrating America’s Entrepreneurs

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Does LendingTree Cater to Rich People?
While no one, regardless of income, really likes getting a mortgage, it does seem that upper-income borrowers are better at it. A January 2014 survey by mortgage colossus Fannie Mae found that higher-earning borrowers chose lenders with the most competitive rates. They were more likely to shop online, obtain multiple... Read more
A recent LendingTree survey of 609 consumers (conducted online by Research Data Technology, Inc.) concluded that its respondents have a pretty sunny view of the US economy and real estate markets.  With 69 percent of respondents claiming to have positive expectations for the housing sector and 63 percent saying... Read more
Millions of people use sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor to find restaurants or plan vacations. Getting the inside scoop from those who have been there before you just makes sense. So why wouldn’t you do the same thing when you look for a mortgage? Isn’t a loan you might... Read more
LendingTree recently analyzed the fiscal fitness of prospective borrowers nationwide, ranking each state according to its borrower health score. This score is based on a 100-point scale combining average credit scores, loan-to-values and overall strength of LendingTree mortgage requests in each state for the second quarter of 2013. Washington,... Read more
A few years ago, the Miami Herald broke the news that over 5,000 of Florida’s mortgage loan officers were felons who’d been convicted of various frauds. Amazingly, it was legal for them to work in a field that provided so many opportunities to rip off their clients. State mortgage licensing requirements... Read more
This week, LendingTree reported that average down payments have dropped 9.4% since May 2011. This suggests that mortgage lenders’ underwriting standards may be relaxing somewhat. A look at the standards of  major mortgage insurers in the US, bears this out. For example, in 2007, mortgage insurer PMI guaranteed mortgages... Read more
Today, LendingTree issued a report showing that average down payments across the country vary widely, depending on the state in which the property lies. Average down payments ranged from a low of 11.9 percent in Mississippi to a high of 20.5 percent in New Jersey. Does this mean lenders require... Read more
A study conducted by Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research recently concluded that 53% of Americans over the age of 30 have not saved enough (or will not have saved enough if they keep on their current path) to retire safely by age 65. How much do you need to save? According... Read more
Mortgage Professor Jack Guttentag addressed a serious topic on the Huffington Post today — specifically, mortgage rate lock scams. He accurately says that when you get a Good Faith Estimate from your lender, there is no obligation to honor the rate unless you lock in before the rate’s expiration.... Read more