Expect Housing and Mortgage Conditions to Vary by Area

Buying, selling, and refinancing a mortgage are affected by national and regional housing trends; see how the latest new home sales data may affect you.

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4 Ways to Protect Yourself from Fluctuating Mortgage Rates

mortgage rates

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Millennials and Homeownership
The US Census Bureau just released data on new home sales that showed an abrupt slowdown in March. Is this a warning sign for would-be home buyers, or a golden opportunity? To help you understand what the report might mean to your home buying plans, there are five questions... Read more
According to a study by the Demand Institute, a non-profit group, over half of U.S. housing wealth is concentrated in 10 percent of communities. Although housing has been credited with leading the nation’s post-recession economic recovery, regional data show significant differences in average home prices and local housing markets. The February 26 study... Read more
Peter G. Miller is a nationally-syndicated columnist, speaker and writer whose work appears in a variety of outlets online and off. He is the author of the Quick & Dirty financial eBooks (SilverSpringPress.com) and operates the consumer real estate site,OurBroker.com. More than 250,000 Miller books are in print. Real... Read more
The last four years would seem like an ideal buyer’s market for homes. And yet, renting continues to replace home ownership as the reality for more and more families. However, if current trends continue, it could swing the pendulum back in favor of ownership. It was a different story... Read more
There have been some years recently when few Americans would have counted their mortgages among the blessings they celebrated at Thanksgiving. And, with 1.2 million homes still in foreclosure, all too many won’t be doing so this year. However, for the huge majority, it’s possible once again to be... Read more
Many experts (including this blogger) have predicted that as mortgage rates rise and demand for home loans drops off, mortgage lenders will relax their underwriting standards a bit. Loan approvals should be easier to come by. So far, those predictions have not panned out. Nearly 80% of mortgage originators... Read more
The housing crash must truly be over. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is replacing its “Improving Markets” (IMI) index with a new “Leading Markets” index (LMI) . Instead of focusing on markets that are “recovering,”  this index will flag locations as they near and then exceed their... Read more