Mortgages: How To Get An Extra $10,000 Toward A Home Purchase

Mortgages are a big-ticket item and many buyers benefit from down payment assistance programs, often for more than $10,000. Here’s how.

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Mortgages: Will New Loan Rules Delay Closings?

Mortgages are complex and for most borrowers that means

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NAR Existing Home Sales
The National Association of Realtors has reported the existing home sales for May, 2015 which rose 5.1% to a seasonally adjusted rate of 5.35 million from an upwardly revised 5.09 million in April.  Sales on existing homes have increased year-over-year for eight consecutive months and are 9.2 percent above... Read more
Fewer Debts Key To Mortgage Success

If the key to getting mortgages is a good credit score then the key to getting a solid credit score is surely less debt.

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New Mortgage Paperwork Could Save You Big Money

Starting in August new paperwork will likely make the mortgage process more understandable — and likely create some savings as well.

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2015 Home Starts
This morning’s ​Census Bureau report showed that housing starts in April increased 20.2% over March ’15 to an annual rate of 1,135,000, while single family housing starts increased 16.7% over March ’15. LendingTree founder and CEO, Doug Lebda, offers the following comments on the report: “With the spring housing market in... Read more
Refinance Reality Check: Take this 5 Question Quiz and See What You’re Leaving on the Table!

What if the Fed raises mortgage rates? Refinance if you anser yes to one of these five questions.

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Fear Factor: Mortgage Lenders and Your Refinance

Most refinance mortgage shoppers feel that lenders have the power. But with LoanExplorer by LendingTree, YOU have the power! It’s like a mall for mortgages

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CFPB: Almost Half of Consumers May Be Paying Too Much for Mortgages

The CFPB found that nearly half of borrowers did not compare mortgages. LendingTree’s LoanExplorer and Mortgage Negotiator make comparing mortgages easy.

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It’s a Refinance Boom: Mortgage Applications Up 49 Percent!

Mortgage Applications Up 49 Percent! Now is the time to evaluate your mortgage and get pre-approved for a refinance.

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