New Housing Affordability Study Shows How Barriers to Home Ownership Vary

The new LendingTree Housing Affordability Rankings show how the barrier to home ownership varies; see how conditions in your area stack up.

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2015 Home Starts
This morning’s ​Census Bureau report showed that housing starts in April increased 20.2% over March ’15 to an annual rate of 1,135,000, while single family housing starts increased 16.7% over March ’15. LendingTree founder and CEO, Doug Lebda, offers the following comments on the report: “With the spring housing market in... Read more

Mortgage lenders have a bad rap in large measure because the lending process has become complex. Here’s what you can do to protect your interests.

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Selling a Home? 5 Ways to Get it Ready for Less

The first step to selling a home is making it shine. Use these 5 funny tricks to turn your lived-in space into a shiny-clean show place.

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Things should be looking up for America’s home builders, but so far their mood has not improved any. The May release of the National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI) showed that pessimism remains the prevailing sentiment among home builders, with little change in mood since February. This gloom... Read more
  Photo: Sean Dreilinger There’s nothing especially hard about selling a home. Early on in what he laughingly refers to as his “career,” this writer was a real estate agent (a reasonably successful one, actually), and if he can do it, anyone can. So why do so many homeowners... Read more
The market for new homes is proving as unpredictable as an upset-laden NCAA Tournament bracket. The latest report on new home sales from the US Census Bureau brought doubly disappointing news: a downward revision of the original estimate for January’s sales, and a slowdown of sales in February. This... Read more
There are a lot of myths out there about holding an open house. Some Realtors tell tales of bidding wars going down in the dining room. Others claim they’ve never sold a single home as the result of an open house. For most agents and sellers, the truth lies... Read more
Many people get confused when they’re selling their houses. They think they’re selling their houses. They’re not. They’re selling an idea, an ideal … a lifestyle. Whether buyers can afford a $50,000 or $5 million home, they’re generally pursuing dreams and aspirations, and the most successful sellers present their... Read more
“Location, location, location.” As the answer to the question, “What are the three things that matter most when selecting a property?” that phrase has become a super-cliché. And there’s a reason for that: It’s true. Your dream house or condo can quickly become a nightmare if it’s in the... Read more