Can You Save More? 22 Expert Tips for Creative Savings!

Twenty-two personal finance experts weigh in on the question – “What is the Most Creative Way that You Have Been Able to Save Money?”

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Save money on Valentine’s Day without losing out on the romance.

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Unemployment. Health Problems. An accident. These and other problems can crash your credit score. These five steps can help your credit score recover.

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(photo: Peter Wirkman) If you’re only now recovering from the trauma of Mother’s Day, you’ll be appalled to realize that Father’s Day is almost upon us. This year, it’s on Sunday, June 15. And that means you need to start thinking about what you’re going to get your dad... Read more
Has your lower back been giving you trouble lately lately, or is it becoming almost impossible to get comfortable in your favorite chair? It may be time for a cleansing. Not of your body, although that may be a good idea too. It might be time to go through... Read more
Many self-made millionaires say the secret to their financial success was living frugally, even down to the penny. If you only comparison shop big-ticket items, you are leaving money on the table. Smaller purchases can add up to big savings, too. From everyday items to once-in-a-while expenditures, these are... Read more
Photo: Velas Vallarta Resort Did you know that the United States is the only advanced economy not to provide a legal right to paid vacation time? Maybe that’s why we get so few days off each year: On average, we take just 13, according to VP Calendar. You’d expect... Read more
Q: My wife and I are trying to consolidate and pay down our credit card debt, which will give us a lower payment and interest rate. She thinks we should close out the old accounts so we don’t run the balances back up. I’m concerned that by closing out... Read more
Photo: es1123 Moms come in all shapes and sizes, but — to their offspring — only one age: very, very old. This is a question of perception rather than chronology: no matter how young and attractive a woman looks to everyone else in the world, to her kids she’s... Read more
Beware of Fake Personal Loans!
When you search for personal loans (or signature loans or unsecured loans) online or in person, make sure the offer you get is for a genuine unsecured loan. Real personal loans do not require any security other than your promise to repay them, and for that reason they require... Read more