The 10 Cities with the Best and Worst Credit Scores 2015

LendingTree’s study of the best and worst credit scores 2015 shows you which areas are thriving, and which are in an economic quagmire.

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Why There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Credit Score

Asking what is the perfect credit score is the wrong question to ask! There is no perfect credit score because there are actually hundreds of scores!

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The Ultimate Credit Score Survival Guide: 45 Rules to Help Increase Your Credit Score

If you want to know the best ways to increase your credit score, follow these rules. Build your credit. Fix your credit. This guide covers it all.

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No, Paying Your Rent On Time Has Not Helped Your Credit…

Paying Rent On Time Might Or Might Not Help Your Credit Score

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Financial Disaster: The Top 6 Things People Do to Destroy Their Credit

Everyone wants good credit. Learn about the six mishaps that people do to destroy their credit score. Be sure to steer clear of this credit score mishaps!

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Will Closing an Account Hurt My Credit Score?
Q: My wife and I are trying to consolidate and pay down our credit card debt, which will give us a lower payment and interest rate. She thinks we should close out the old accounts so we don’t run the balances back up. I’m concerned that by closing out... Read more