Can You Save More? 22 Expert Tips for Creative Savings!

Twenty-two personal finance experts weigh in on the question – “What is the Most Creative Way that You Have Been Able to Save Money?”

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Should You Pay Refinance Closing Costs or Finance Them?

When you refinance a house, there are closing costs. You can finance them, pay them out of pocket, or select a “no-cost” refinance. Here’s how to choose.

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Unexpected Refinance Costs and How to Avoid Them

A refinance can be more expensive than financing a home purchase. Learn how to cut costs here.

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Save money on Valentine’s Day without losing out on the romance.

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Photo: Velas Vallarta Resort Did you know that the United States is the only advanced economy not to provide a legal right to paid vacation time? Maybe that’s why we get so few days off each year: On average, we take just 13, according to VP Calendar. You’d expect... Read more
Photo: Sean MacEntee Face facts: There may be signs of financial chaos everywhere, but you don’t see them. If the calculator in your mobile device is your main money manager when you’re on the go, consider that a red flag. If your apps are only awesome for organizing a... Read more
Valentine’s Day is the Superbowl of Love. It’s a holiday packed with pressure and it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and overdo the big day. If you do, you’re not alone. CNN reports Americans spend an average of $130–a whopping total of $18.6 billion dollars last... Read more
You won’t feel the love if you’re blindly suckered into one of these top-five scams that malicious companies or individuals drag out for the Holiday of Love. Although both men and women fall prey to St. Valentine’s Day scams, men are more vulnerable.  Credit Donkey reports that well-meaning Romeos... Read more
Keeping up with the Joneses is  as typically American as apple pie. It probably stems from our national culture of upward mobility — kids are told from the time they’re toddlers that they can do anything, achieve anything, and it doesn’t matter where they start. That’s great, but too... Read more
It’s that time again — home selling season. If you’re thinking about selling this year, now is the time to take action. Did you know that homes listed in April sell for closer to their original asking price than homes listed in December? The period of March through June has... Read more