It’s not unusual for couples to have different approaches to personal finance — particularly when it comes to credit cards. For us personally, my husband does not have a credit card, while I’ve had a  few. He pays for everything with his debit card. In recent years I have gotten... Read more
Two of our favorite personal finance bloggers — Ninja @PunchDebtintheFace and WellHeeledBlog — aren’t too happy about Capitol One’s acquisition of their beloved ING Direct. What do you think about the combo? Leave a comment below! ___________________________________ LendingTree has an easy way to shop for credit cards online. We’ll help... Read more
Advertising Disclosure There’s a rapidly-growing movement in the personal finance community that wants us to abandon our credit cards completely. The lingering effects of the recession has prompted reactions like the recent “Shred Your Credit Card” campaign, which is using the power of blogging and social media to amplify... Read more
I used to depend on my credit card to purchase just about everything: gas, food, clothes, candy, dinner – even paying the bills. It was convenient, but it also got me into some serious financial trouble when mixed with my spend-a-holic propensities. So one day I got rid of my... Read more
Advertising Disclosure The Kardashian Kard was short-lived, but don’t worry because something even more exciting than a celebrity in a little black dress is about to walk the red carpet. I’m talking about the biggest technological overhaul for the credit card industry since the 1950s, fully loaded with blinky... Read more
Advertising Disclosure How we spend and save our money is influential in how we plan for and manage our homes. That’s why we’re featuring a series of guest posts from popular personal finance bloggers. Today’s post comes from the blogger at who has a few words to say... Read more
Advertising Disclosure If you’re a frequent flier, you be searching for credit cards that give you the best frequent flier miles. While this is an important consideration when shopping for credit cards, you may want to also look at other incentives such as free baggage with a specific credit... Read more
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With the recent hikes in interest rates on credit cards, you may feel like you will never pay them off. Most of the time, when you’re paying the minimum amount due you are hardly ever paying on the principal, which means it will take you even longer to pay... Read more