Mortgage News: Jumbo Loans Get Easier

It’s getting easier to finance and refinance with a jumbo mortgage because lenders are reducing qualification standards. Here’s why.

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HARP Mortgage Savings Program Extended

The HARP mortgage program has been extended which means that homeowners with little or no equity may be able to refinance and cut monthly mortgage costs.

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Freelance writer Craig Guillot filed this special report from New Orleans Lanvin LeBlanc, a Louisiana fisherman, watched his business come to a halt in early May when federal officials shut down his fishing waters due to the BP-Gulf oil spill. Though LeBlanc owns his own home, he has a... Read more
Guest Post by Eli Dror, a Senior Loan Originator with Georgia-based LSI Mortgage Plus, part of the LendingTree national network of lenders. Prepared  just days before Fannie Mae announced restrictions for borrowers who make “strategic defaults,” this blog post addresses the question of whether homeowners should walk away from... Read more

To combat rising loan losses and low levels of liquidity Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced yesterday that they will significantly increase their purchase of loans that are delinquent four months or more, starting in March 2010.

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