Higher Mortgage Rates Can Be Overcome

Mortgage rates have risen modestly since the Fed announced higher overnight interest rates for banks and credit unions. Here’s how you can beat them.

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Mortgage Rates Decline After Fed Rate Hike

The Federal Reserve raised the cost banks and credit unions must pay to borrow money overnight. Here’s how it will affect mortgage borrowers.

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Is the Federal Reserve moving to make mortgage loans more difficult to get?  In a cryptic and mysterious message to lenders, the Fed says that “prudent underwriting practices have deteriorated.” You read this and wonder what, exactly, is the Fed talking about?  The lending process has been greatly simplified during the... Read more
The economy has started its recovery but it’s slow and there is still a need for support from the Federal Government. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is holding a meeting Tuesday to discuss how the Fed can help continue the economy’s growth. The plan is to keep mortgage rates low... Read more

The Federal Reserve recently renewed its pledge to keep interest rates low, holding the interbank overnight rates in the zero to 0.25 percent range. In it’s official statement the Fed relayed information from the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) which suggests that economic activity has continued to strengthen and that the labor market is stabilizing.

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