Here at LendingTree we’re passionate about all things home related. Every day, we help folks find the mortgage they need to buy their dream home, refinance to get the cash needed to renovate their kitchen, or lower their interest rate so they have more money in their pockets. But we realize lending products are just the financial vehicles to help you get to the good stuff – the new house, the DIY project, the kitchen remodel.  We all work hard and manage our money so we can make our homes beautiful and that’s why we love home improvement blogs that show how people make their house a home. And, many of these blogs are written by folks who are diy’ing, financially savvy, and budget conscious. All things we can get behind! In the post below, LendingTree employee Kim Standing talks a bit about her decorating and DIY experience and recommends some of her favorite home improvement blog posts and bloggers.

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