Debt Consolidation Refinance: The Mistakes 80 Percent of Borrowers Make

80 percent of debt consolidation refinance plans fail. Here’s what you need to know to be successful at debt consolidation.

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Major remodeling projects can add to your home’s value, but in recent years, as the economy tanked, many homeowners cut back on remodeling expenses. Some home improvement forecasters, such as the folks over at the Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, predict an upswing in projects this Spring,... Read more
Are you drowning in debt? Do you need to make home improvements but can’t afford them? Are you looking to improve your future by going to college or need to buy a car so you can get to work? All of these reasons are valid ones to consider taking... Read more

Determining the equity in your home is a simple calculation that every home owner should know.

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