Major remodeling projects can add to your home’s value, but in recent years, as the economy tanked, many homeowners cut back on remodeling expenses. Some home improvement forecasters, such as the folks over at the Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, predict an upswing in projects this Spring,... Read more
With the advent of Spring, the days grow longer and the weather gets warmer, and for a growing number of people, remodeling and other home improvement projects will take center stage. This year may be bigger than ever for sprucing up our home spaces. One report by the Joint... Read more
A recent report by American Express shows that 62 percent of American homeowners are deciding to do home improvements instead of selling their homes. The biggest reason is because they would rather wait until the market turns into a seller’s one when home prices are higher and competition is... Read more has compiled a list of the top ten value adding home improvements, which are great ways to improve your home’s aesthetic, curb-side appeal, and overall value.

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More enterprising homeowners may want to explore the tax credits for energy-efficient renovations, which can knock up to $1,500 off what you owe to Uncle Sam, possibly even more, come tax time. Eligible home improvements include insulation, windows, HVAC, roofing, and more. Only certain products qualify for the credit, however, so... Read more