Further Falls in Mortgage Rates May Be on the Cards Today

March 18 mortgage rate lock recommendation. Read on to see if you should lock or float your rate.

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Potential for Mortgage Rates to Move Significantly Today, But Which Way?

March 16 mortgage rate lock recommendation. If you are buying a home, you’ll want to read whether you should lock or float your rate.

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Mortgage Rates Look Set to Fall Again Today

March 15 mortgage rate lock recommendation. If you’re buying a home, you’ll want to read this!

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Markets Up! Mortgage Rates Likely to Rise Again Today

March 11, 2016 mortgage rate lock recommendation. See whether you should lock or float your rate!

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News from Europe Causes Chaos for Mortgage Rates Today

Mortgage rate lock recommendation for March 10, 2016.

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The 5 Home Loan Facts that No One Ever Told You

You just signed a ton of paperwork for your home loan, but there are still things you probably don’t know about your mortgage.

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Once we found the right house, we thought being under contract and closing on the purchase would be a piece of cake. However, our closing date got pushed back twice—once because the seller hadn’t finished some repairs on the property, and the second time because a glitch involving my... Read more
When it comes to choosing the type of loan to go with when buying a house, the home loan possibilities can at first seem confusing and overwhelming. One option which is appealing to more homebuyers these days is an FHA loan, backed by the Federal Housing Administration. Me and my now-husband... Read more
Mortgage securitization and the influence this has on mortgage rates and qualification is gaining prevalence  – and there are significant changes on the horizon that warrant an understanding to ensure borrowers are not left without options. Below we provide a “CliffsNotes” version of the major considerations and the impact... Read more
We are working our way through Financial Literacy Month with a series of pop quiz questions on the LendingTree blog, and today’s quiz has to do with Adjustable Rate Mortgages, or ARMs. This particular questions involves a little bit of math. Before that starts to get your knees shaking, bringing... Read more