Will Mortgages & Real Estate Fully Recover in 2016?

The mortgage marketplace and real estate in general or expected to “have fully recovered” in 2016 but hurdles remain. Here’s why.

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Buying a home is an incredibly rewarding experience, but let’s be honest. For some of us, the process can be confusing and challenging even under the best of circumstances. I know a bit about this, because I’ve done it twice – most recently in April. For me, the analogy... Read more
North Dakota may not have the sunny beaches of Florida or California, but the state outshines all others in some recent housing and economic rankings reports: The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) found North Dakota to be the state with the lowest numbers of loan delinquencies. A report by LendingTree’s... Read more
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that, although the economy is showing signs of improvement, employers aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into adding on to their workforce. As such, many are turning to temp agencies to help meet the demand of a slowly improving economy. LendingTree Chief Economist Cameron... Read more