Mortgage Market Poised for a Very Good Year

Mortgage rates are looking good in 2016, in large measure because expected problems did not arise. Here’s why.

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2016 Mortgage Loan Limits to Stay in Place

Mortgage loan limits will largely stay in place for 2016, a decision which is unlikely to ruffle feathers in the real estate. Here’s why.

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Mortgages: Settlements Have Become Easier

Settlements may not be all-electronic, but new systems and technologies are making them quicker and easier.

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Three Things in Life that Are Always Worth the Loan

Loans for home, education, and business are indespensible in helping consumers jumpstart their finanances and pay for life’s essentials.

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  At LendingTree Loans, we have an amazing team of people working together to help borrowers find home loan options to fit their needs.  We want to take the opportunity to highlight a different LendingTree Loans Mortgage Banker each month so you can see why they are a stand-out... Read more
Buying a home is an incredibly rewarding experience, but let’s be honest. For some of us, the process can be confusing and challenging even under the best of circumstances. I know a bit about this, because I’ve done it twice – most recently in April. For me, the analogy... Read more
The 4th of July is coming up, and that means plenty of bbqs, Independence Day weekend store sales, and fireworks. But as the fireworks and festivities are getting ready to start up, we’ve been busy watching rates go down. Mortgage rates have once again hit historic lows. Yes, we... Read more
For some lucky families, a new loan modification program by The Black-Eyed Peas’ is allowing them to keep a roof over their heads. The program –  the “i.amhome fund” – combines money from the musical artist’s own savings with a fund-raising campaign to collect donations that will help... Read more

The Federal Reserve’s Beige Book released yesterday hints at an improved economy in 10 of 12 of its districts. The report centers around economic data from categories like employment, real estate, banking and finance, agriculture, and manufacturing.

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