As mortgage rates dipped even lower this past week, we got to thinking about the last time we saw rates like this  –  the 1950s. Let’s put the Tivo on pause and pretend we’re not reading this on the Internet. Lace up your saddle shoes and climb out of... Read more
Starting this week, LendingTree’s number crunchers are sharing the lowest and average mortgage rates available within our network of lenders. You can find our Weekly Mortgage Rate Pulse every Wednesday. On June 15, for example, lenders on the LendingTree network offered rates as low as 4.375 percent (4.48% APR)... Read more
We are in the thick of a buyer’s market right now. With so many homes hitting the housing market, it’s hard to compete with their home prices. Home owners everywhere are lowering their asking price just so they can get their house sold before it gets worse. Selling Your... Read more