httpv:// Did you know that not all loan officers are licensed? Here is a video that pokes fun at that discrepancy since loan originators at banks are exempt from the licensing requirements that loan officers at other lenders must adhere to. Loan officers at direct lenders like LendingTree Loans... Read more
We are hearing from sources that federal regulators are considering new definitions for a qualified residential mortgage that would require a 20% minimum down payment. This is the biggest news to hit the mortgage market in many years, and it would have a severe and noticeable impact for borrowers... Read more
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All too often, I get a call from a frantic customer who is going through home loan financing hell. It goes something like this: Their lender promised them the lowest rate and fees but once things got rolling, the terms that were promised changed and the mortgage banker stopped... Read more
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U.S News & World Report recently reported on the top ten places in the United States that had the most “underwater” mortgages. Understanding Negative Equity or Underwater Mortgage Negative equity or “underwater” mortgage is when a home owner owes more on their home than it’s worth. Therefore, home owners... Read more
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