As rates dropped below 5 percent over the first two months of the year mortgage refinance volume increased and purchase volume remained unchanged. In its market composite index, a measure of mortgage loan application volume, the Mortgage Banker’s Association (MBA) reported refinance volume increasing 1.8 percent over the previous month and purchase loan volume decreasing 2.7 percent over the same period.

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If you’re old enough to know anyone from the depression era, you may have noticed that, as a group, they generally prefer saving money to spending it. Of course, they grew up in a time of great distrust for banks and believed the only safe place for their money... Read more

he Department of Housing and Urban Development has approved many lenders across the country to offer loans which are insured by the Federal Housing Administration. That means if a borrower defaults on the loan, the FHA pays the lender all or part of the defaulted loan amount. These are safe and secure loans for lenders and they are available to anyone who meets eligibility requirements.

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Determining the equity in your home is a simple calculation that every home owner should know.

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On Thursday, the Senate agreed to continue the popular home buyer tax credit and offer a new tax break to homeowners who want to move up to middle-market homes. The tax credit for first-time home buyers, which was scheduled to expire at the end of November, is considered by... Read more
If there’s one thing we’ve all learned from the financial meltdown, it’s that bigger isn’t always better.This article by Jennifer Woods gives a great explanation about how the best mortgage deals can often be found at smaller banks and lending institutions.  Plus, it features some words of wisdom... Read more
So when I was refinancing my house, I could never shake that feeling in the back of my mind that there was something better out there: better closing costs, a better rate, maybe even a better loan product.  How was I ever going to be sure that I was... Read more
FHA loans have been all over the news lately.  Back when I was getting my mortgage, I didn’t even consider one.  But in today’s market, you might want to have a look. An FHA mortgage loan is insured by the Federal Housing Administration.  (It’s important to note that the... Read more
It’s no secret; our economic reality has changed dramatically over the last year, and may never be the same. Here at LendingTree, we’re more aware than ever of the consumer’s need for trusted financial guidance. In fact, it’s what drove me, a frustrated consumer myself, to create LendingTree over... Read more