10 Worst Things to Spend Your Money on in Your 20s

Millennials need to think wisely about how they spend their money. Here are 10 of the worst things to spend your money on in your 20s.

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10 Best Things to Spend Your Money on in Your 20s

If you’re a Millennial, you may still be trying to understand how to best use your money. Here are 10 best things to spend your money on in your 20s.

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Having your own garden can be a great way to battle food-price inflation while still providing healthy meals for your family. However, if you have limited space for a garden, you can supplement your harvest with edible landscaping. If you have even a small yard, and local regulations allow... Read more
We’re married: so what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine, right? Maybe — not always — and certainly not with all things. Individual retirement accounts quickly come to mind; jewelry is another. And I’m willing to bet that most married people draw the line at their cars... Read more
He’s the shadowy figure lurking just around the corner. You can’t really see him, but you know he’s there, ready to strike at any moment. And no one who owns a home is safe. So you put some money aside in case he shows up, demanding a fistful of... Read more
It’s not unusual for couples to have different approaches to personal finance — particularly when it comes to credit cards. For us personally, my husband does not have a credit card, while I’ve had a  few. He pays for everything with his debit card. In recent years I have gotten... Read more
Average mortgage rates fell this week, according to the LendingTree Weekly Mortgage Rate Pulse, which tracks the lowest and average mortgage rates offered by lenders on the LendingTree network. On July 12, average home loan rates offered by LendingTree network lenders were 4.77% (4.94% APR) for 30-year fixed mortgages,... Read more
  Ah, baseball. The Great American Pastime. Throughout history we have been enjoying this beloved sport and it’s heroes, including Babe Ruth, Dottie Kamenshek and Jackie Robinson. These champions of baseball have all taught us lessons of courage, perseverance and ambition. But the sport itself can teach us life... Read more
While I have the utmost respect for the coupon queens we featured in a post last month, I have to admit that I’m just not that into the “scissor savings” trend. However, my aversion to clipping coupons doesn’t mean that I’m not interested in saving money. On the contrary:... Read more
I first set foot on U.S. soil at the age of 9 — nearly 19 years ago. I arrived with my Mom on a flight from Poland, capable of counting to 10 in English and terrified of the future. I can vividly remember my grandmother lamenting about when I’d... Read more