Mortgage rates increased slightly this week, with 30-year fixed mortgages up 0.02 percent.  The average 15-year fixed mortgage rate was 2.99 percent, a 0.03 percent decrease from last week.   The average 5/1 ARM rate was 2.83 percent with a 3.03 percent APR. This was an increase of 0.04 percent... Read more
Mortgage rates continued to hold low this week, with the average 30-year fixed mortgages coming in at 3.75 percent, but as high as 4.5 percent in some states. The lowest mortgage interest rates came in at 3.25 percent and were seen in southern and Mid-Atlantic states like Alabama, Delaware, Florida,... Read more
One measure of evaluating the change in price of goods is by using a “price deflator,” which considers not only the change in price against a base year (2005), but also the fact that people’s buying habits for what they consume also changes. The “deflator,” therefore, is not based on a... Read more
Fig.1 below reflects an “Intra‐Day” perspective for FNMA current coupon yields and the decline of ~0.18% over the past three days, which is in direct conflict to what would have been expected given the looming debt ceiling concerns. Economic fundamentals today outweighed concerns over the debt debate as a weaker-than-expected... Read more
The Case -Shiller Home Price Index, released this morning, reflected further declines in its top 20 cities, which was on target with forecasts — given that the index lags the market. One of the most notable elements is the magnitude of the aggregate decline — down 4.51% Year over Year, which... Read more
  In a week full of economic results that indicated still weaker housing markets lie ahead, one interesting data point offering hope came from pending home sales, which were up +8.2% in May. This was partially driven by the fact that prior month results were down 11.3%, but this was... Read more
If you are coughing and wheezing a lot this Spring, chances are you reside somewhere in the southern part of the United States. That’s where many of the “most challenging places to live with allergies” are located, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The 2011 rankings... Read more
httpv:// Did you know that not all loan officers are licensed? Here is a video that pokes fun at that discrepancy since loan originators at banks are exempt from the licensing requirements that loan officers at other lenders must adhere to. Loan officers at direct lenders like LendingTree Loans... Read more
Some personal finance bloggers are doing more than just sharing their saving and spending tips by creating philanthropic or outreach projects. In some cases the projects are meant to help out others in financial need while bringing attention to how personal finance affects each and every one of us.... Read more
Housing experts and developers are particularly interested in what Generation Y wants from their next homes, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. It appears that this generation isn’t interested in the super-sized homes of the past. Instead, Gen Y seems to have their sights set on amenities... Read more